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THE EXHIBITA story of crime and suspense

As an avid collector of ancient Egyptian artifacts, Claudia Betancourt has acquired, by whatever means necessary, many priceless pieces for her private collection.

Haunted by the elusive one piece that no amount of negotiation or money could pry from its home at a Cairo museum she decides to steal it. To do so, Claudia uses her position as head of exhibitions for the Metropolitan Museum in New York to create a never to be forgotten exposition that will outrival that of King Tutankhamen. The exhibit titled “The Golden Age of Egypt” will debut early April in New York and will showcase fifty pieces of priceless ancient gold Egyptian artifacts ... among which is the statue she is seeking.

Her plan to remove not only the statue but four other pieces from the exhibit requires the help of three associates who are working on the opening night ceremonies for the museum. Using the lure of untold riches which will result from the theft, she cements their cooperation.

Together they commit the perfect crime. Five artifacts leave the museum with no one the wiser.

From that moment on, lives change, friends become enemies, and the perfect crime becomes the perfect avenue for treachery and murder.


What readers are saying

    about THE EXHIBIT ...
“An engrossing plot...and distinctive characters keep the suspense in The Exhibit going to the final page.
-----Marie Vernon, The St. Augustine Record

“Dianne Ell’s The Exhibit is an engaging page-turner filled with colorful characters, a riveting plot, and enough twists and turns to leave the reader guessing.
-----Parker Francis, author of the Quint Mitchell Mystery series

    about the short stories ...
"Last Man Standing " from Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine is a highly suspenseful tale that kept me reading. Unexpected twists and turns made it a very enjoyable read.
-----Christine F. , New York City